When you think of refurbished equipment, you may picture personal computers and other small electronic devices. However, many professionals and experts in the medical field can purchase and use refurbished equipment, such as refurbished ultrasound systems, for their practices and clinics.

Some medical practitioners hesitate to buy refurbished ultrasound systems because they equate “refurbished” with “used” machines. Refurbished equipment falls into a third, separate category, however.

While each type of equipment offers its own benefits, refurbished ultrasound systems often provide several advantages over their new and used counterparts. In this blog, we explain what refurbished ultrasound systems entail and list four advantages of investing in them for your practice.

What’s the Difference Between Refurbished and Used Ultrasound Systems?

The terms “refurbished” and “used” are sometimes used interchangeably. However, while all refurbished products are technically “used,” refurbished ultrasound systems are generally of higher quality.

Used equipment comes in many conditions, from “like new” to inoperable. Equipment may be sold “as is,” though these ultrasound systems may come with a high level of uncertainty (even if the machine is sold through reputable ultrasound vendors) because the supplier usually has not upgraded it. The buyer may also not receive any information about whether or not the ultrasound system incurred any past repairs.

Refurbished ultrasound systems have generally been owned for a short period, often used as a “demo.” Most of these machines have never needed significant repairs, just cosmetic or minor adjustments to return the unit to like-new condition.

Even if the refurbished ultrasound system needed more significant repairs, the “refurbished” label means that the equipment has been fully repaired and all current parts are in place.

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing Refurbished Ultrasound Systems?

For many healthcare providers, new ultrasound systems are out of their price range, especially when expanding services or opening a new practice. These situations usually leave facilities with a choice between used and refurbished medical equipment.

Choosing refurbished over used has the following advantages.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Refurbished ultrasound equipment often offers a cost-effective option to new and used systems. New models often cost significantly more than refurbished units. Used ultrasound systems can also cost more than refurbished models if they need multiple repairs over time.

When you choose a refurbished ultrasound system, you are getting “like new” functionality, and that system should last for a long period of time. Some refurbished ultrasound systems even come with a warranty package, which we’ll discuss in section four.

Because some ultrasound systems cannot be purchased “pre-owned”, choosing refurbished systems for the majority of your equipment stretches your budget so you can afford to invest in transducers, carts, and other ultrasound accessories.

2. Dependability

Refurbished ultrasound systems are more dependable than used models as a general rule. However, in some situations refurbished ultrasound systems can also be more dependable than the latest models.

Just because an ultrasound machine is the newest doesn’t mean it’s the best. Brand-new medical equipment that has just come on the market often exhibits bugs during the first few years of availability.

Fixing these problems could require anything from adjusting the unit settings to recalling faulty parts. These issues can delay your practice and even endanger your patients.

Most refurbished ultrasound systems are one or more years old. You can find reviews of these models from numerous healthcare providers so you can anticipate exactly how the machine will function for you. This information allows you to make more informed investments.

3. Sustainability

One of the ways you can make your facility more sustainable is to choose refurbished products whenever possible. By using refurbished ultrasound systems, you lower the need to create new machines. The creation process may use more of Earth’s depleting natural resources, but by reusing well-maintained machines, you improve your facility’s eco-friendliness and lower the strain on these hard-to-replenish resources.

For example, the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association (DITTA) estimates that refurbishing one ton of machines like ultrasound systems saves more than 30 megawatt hours. One megawatt produces about the same amount of energy that 10 car engines produce, so the overall energy savings that refurbishing ultrasound systems saves is significant.

4. Warranty Availability

Many refurbished ultrasounds systems are now available with excellent warranties. Many warranties are from 30 to 90 days. A warranty provides peace of mind and can also protect from unanticipated expenses as the result of breakdown of a used ultrasound system.

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