Aloka ProSound Alpha 10

The Aloka ProSound Alpha10 ensures higher examination efficiency and its ergonomic panel design allows refined user interface.

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Product Description

The Alpha 10 combines a 12 Bit A/D digital beam converter, high-powered image processing channels and our exclusive probe technology to take examinations to the next level. Sophisticated beam control provides high resolution and penetration while minimizing image degradation, while user-oriented operability and ergonomics create the ideal environment for fast and accurate imaging and diagnoses.


  • Ultimate Compounding Technologies
  • Hemispheric Sound Technology PLUS (HST+) probes
  • Extended Pure Harmonic Detection
  • Pixel Focus in three directions to provide the sharpest and cleanest images possible
  • Color Flow, Power Flow and Spectral Doppler
  • Exclusive Color Flow features including Dual Dynamic Display and E-FLOW (Hitachi Aloka-exclusive Extended Flow technology) to clearly define blood flow in organs and tumors
  • HD-EFV (High Definition Extended File of View) provides a panoramic image of the entire anatomical structure.
  • Real Time 3D with Multi-planar views and measurement capabilities.
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