Sonosite X-PORTE

With leading-edge, proprietary beam-forming XDI™ technology, X-Porte now has significantly enhanced image quality. Advanced signal analysis algorithms shape ultrasound beams to pinpoint precision which dramatically reduces artifact clutter while considerably enhancing contrast resolution.

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Product Description

From the XDI (Extreme Definition Imaging) to the customizable, touch screen control panel, the X-Porte’s easy to navigate system offers reduced artifact clutter and increased contrast resolution for optimum diagnostic accuracy. This system features a needle-profiling mode with three needle insertion options to meet all of your needs. The X-Porte’s sleek design, battery power capabilities, and external storage bin make this machine the system of choice in a vast range of departments spanning from small parts to veterinary, urology to cardiology, and abdominal to OB-GYN.


  • Shared Services with CW Doppler Imaging
  • SonoHD2 Imaging
  • SonoMB Multibeam imaging
  • SonoAdapt Automatic Tissue Optimization
  • Duplex/Dual Imaging
  • XDI Extreme Definition Imaging
  • Color, Power, PW, CW Doppler MOdes
  • 5 USB POrts
  • Programmable controls
  • 19″ HD Monitor
  • 12.1″ Touchscreen
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