Hitachi ProSound F37

Clear images and advanced functions are what you have come to expect from Hitachi – Aloka. Our 60 years of experience and innovation continues with the ProSound F37 platform.

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Product Description

The Hitachi ProSound F37 is Hitachi Aloka’s mid-range compact console ultrasound machine. Ideal for radiology and women’s health, the ProSound F37 ultrasound machine provides some of Hitachi’s better imaging technologies and ergonomics.



  • AIP Adaptive Image Processing
  • SCI Spatial Compound Imaging
  • BbH Broadband Harmonics
  • Image Optimizer
  • Simple Switch Operation
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Large capacity hard drive
  • eFLOW
  • Auto Angle Correct for Doppler
  • SIP Silky Image Processing
  • Real-Time 3D/4D
  • 4D Shading
  • AVM Auto Volume Measurement
  • Zoom
  • eFlow
  • MPR MultiPlanar Reconstruction
  • CPWG Compound Pulse Wave Generator
  • SmartProbes
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