GE LOGIQ E9 Ultrasound Machine with XDClear

To provide patients with the best care possible, you need the best medical ultrasound and imaging equipment available. This is true with all equipment, but ultrasound machines are so heavily used that they merit consideration for a variety of needs.

For versatility and power, consider the GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound machine. When you buy the LOGIQ E9 with XDClear ultrasound system from Redstone Healthcare, you get not only the high quality of GE Healthcare imaging but also a partnership that provides you with quick, effective service and training both before and after the purchase.


With its 4D viewing capabilities, patented XD CLEAR technology and one-touch image optimization, the GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound machine is both intuitive and technologically advanced. With a depth range of up to 30 cm and a frame rate of up to 600 fps, the GE LOGIQ E9 will empower you to do more in superficial and abdomen applications than you’ve ever been able to do before.

Furthermore, the volume navigation tools will increase your confidence in your diagnoses. With the GE LOGIQ E9 XD CLEAR ultrasound machine, you can combine multi-modality imaging with any ultrasound mode, including color flow mapping and contrast-enhanced ultrasound.


In the healthcare industry, it can be hard to find a vendor who will provide prompt, comprehensive service. At Redstone Healthcare, we know your patients’ health and lives are at stake, so we provide you with the timely, hands-on service and training you need. Nothing less than what you need is acceptable to us.

The new and refurbished medical ultrasound equipment we offer, including ultrasound machines, comes from major vendors such as GE Healthcare, Philips, Mindray, Zonare, Toshiba, Samsung, Sonosite and others.  Pair these companies’ top-quality equipment with our unique services and strong relationships with customers, and the result is a partnership that helps both healthcare providers and patients.

We provide the highest-quality ultrasound imaging equipment we can find at the lowest prices available, and our 20 years of experience in medical imaging ensures you get the functionality and customer care you need. What’s more, unlike many companies, we have machines in stock and can fill orders right away, so you won’t have to wait much longer than it takes you to call.

For a price quote or for more information, call us at 1.844.2.REDSTONE.

Product Description

LOGIQ E9 has advanced Volume Navigation tools that represent another milestone in the GE Healthcare volume ultrasound experience. This sophisticated technology empowers you with the agility to do more with an ultrasound system than ever before in superficial and abdominal applications. Volume Navigation helps to increase your diagnostic confidence by combining multi-modality imaging with any ultrasound mode, including Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound and CFM.


  • B-Mode/2D, M-Mode,
  • PW/CW/Color/Power Doppler
  • 2D/3D/4D imaging mode options
  • MultiDimensional and Volume Imaging
  • 17″ tilt & swivel LCD screen
  • 4 probe ports
  • Height adjustable, swiveling keyboard
  • 4D Views
    [One-touch preset views]
  • Harmonic Imaging
  • AFI for Tri-plane & TEE
  • Auto-Align for 4D
  • Multi-Slice Imaging
  • B-Flow and Blood Flow Imaging
  • Advanced Q-Analysis
  • 4D LV Volume Tool
  • Ultra Definition Clarity one-touch image optimization
  • Automated IMT Intima Media Thickness Measurement
  • 4D Stress Echo
  • Contrast Imaging
  • CrossXBeam,
  • SRI-HD High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Automatic Angle Correction
  • Floating keyboard
  • Shared Services with endocavity transducer available
  • LCD Monitor available on some models
  • High Resolution Zoom
  • Depth range up to 30cm on some probes
  • Frame rates up to 600 fps
  • LogiqView panoramic imaging
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging TVI
  • Tissue Tracking
  • Tissue Synchronization option
  • Strain Rate/Strain Imaging option
  • Automated Function Imaging option
  • Contrast Imaging and LVO Contrast option
  • Adult and Pediatric TEE
  • Intra-Operative probes
  • Auto LVQ Left Ventrical Quantification
  • 4D virtual store
  • Scan Assist customizable protocol guidance
  • New M5s 2D Cardiac transducer
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