GE LOGIQ Book XP Enhanced

Designed with user ease and confidence in mind, The GE LOGIQ Book XP Enhanced Ultrasound allows technicians to make confident decisions regarding patient care.

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Product Description

The GE LOGIQ Book XP Enhanced is high-tech portable Ultrasound equipment. The GE LOGIQ Book XP Enhanced Ultrasound design is informed by the well being of the patient to whom the machine is applied to and to help technicians to conveniently use when operating the machine. Its simple interface has one-touch image optimization, ease of operation, an ergonomic design, phased array technology is just but a few of the many features of this ultrasound machine is.


  • Electronic Convex and Linear Scanning
  • PW Doppler with High PRF, PDI, ACE
  • 300 Frames (15 sec) Standard CINE Memory (64MB), Fetal Trending
  • Automatic Optimization, Auto Tissue: ATO, Auto Spectrum: ASO, Auto Color Flow: ACO
  • Patient Information Database, User-Configurable Report Generator
  • Image Archive on CD and Hard Drive
  • Vascular, Cardiac, OB, Multi Gestantional, Hip Dysplasia, Gynecological, Urological, and Renal Calcs
  • Real-time Auto Doppler Calculations
  • TruAccess, Raw Data Processing
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Ergonomic Hard Key operations
  • Integrated recording keys for remote access
  • DICOM integration
  • 6 TGC Pods with remapping functionality
  • 4-inch High-Resolution color display screen
  • Interactive Dynamic Software Menu
  • Open-Angle Adjustable
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Audio Volume Adjustment
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