Aloka SSD-900

The Aloka SSD-900 has a full range of measurment functions and includes annotation labeling as well as 15-channel preset functions as standard features.

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Product Description

The compact SSD-900 includes annotation labeling and 15-channel preset functions as standard features. It also uses Super High Density transducers to enhance imaging resolution and provide a broad range of imaging frequencies to optimize scan frequency for depth of view. Additional features include: convex sector & linear scanning, ABC (Automatic B-gain Control), IPS (Image Processing Select), ISP (Image Select Profile), a full range of measurement and calculation functions, and 256 gray scale levels for a full 8 bit depth that allows for excellent contrast resolution.


  • High Density ultrasound transducers
  • Standard Linear Scanning and Convex Sector
  • Automatic B-gain Control
  • Image Processing Select
  • Full range of measurement and calculation functions
  • Retractable keyboard
  • Image Select Profile
  • 15 channel user programmable presets
  • 256 gray scale levels
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