Acuson Sequoia 512

The Acuson Sequoia 512 provides superior imaging with Native Patient Specific Imaging that detects, measures and adapts in real time to a patient’s individual acoustic properties.

Product Description

The Sequoia 512 with LCD ultrasound machine uniquely minimizes automatic image optimization time by up to 80% to make way for an easier and speedier ultrasound test time as well as allow for a more confident diagnosis each time. As a patient-specific imaging ultrasound, it has a unique matched response capacity for accurate image quality, sharp clinical specificity, and optimized diagnostic outcomes that makes infinitesimal pathologies and other anatomical detail in the most difficult-to-image patients becomes more vivid and visible.


  • Imaging: Gray-scale 2-D, M-mode, SST Color Doppler, Solo Spectral Doppler, 3-D Surface Rendering, Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Auto Doppler, M-Mode, PW Doppler, Color Doppler, Color Power Doppler
  • 19″ color CRT monitor
  • Native tissue harmonic imaging (NTHI)
  • DIMAQ: image management
  • Advanced vascular analysis
  • Advanced spatial compounding
  • Native patient specific imaging
  • Mitral valve assessment
  • TEE
  • CPS contrast pulse sequencing technology
  • Clarifying vascular enhancement technology
  • High resolution color flow
  • Cardiac, Vascular, and General Imaging calculation packages
  • Tissue echo quantification (TEQ)
  • Coherent beamformer technology/spatial compounding
  • Space/time resolution control
  • Cine and zoom/RES
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