Mindray DC-7

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Product Description

The Mindray DC7 ultrasound machine will not only add value its place of use, but it also provides excellent image quality, an ergonomic design, and an easier workflow. The DC7 utilizes iClear adaptive speckle suppression imaging, iScape wide field of view imaging, and iZoom full screen display. Whether you need it for OB/GYN, vascular or cardiology application the DC7will keep your results accurate and your patients happy.


  • 4D imaging: real time, more details
  • Contrast Imaging: enhance pathology structures
  • iClear: speckle noise reduction.
  • iScape view: wide field of view imaging
  • iZoom: full screen image display to offer more visibility
  • Phase inversion tissue harmonic imaging
  • Touch screen: Multi-language input and user definable selections and layout
  • High resolution LCD monitor
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